Kathleen’s approach and style are amazing.  She is solution based.  Her presence is calm and soothing.  She gets right to business. I always feel like I get something out of each session.  She is extremely accessible and goes above and beyond.  I am a 46-year-old divorced woman who has suffered from extreme anxiety and severe depression, and have had my fair share of therapy over the past 20 years. Kathleen’s approach is unique.She has taught me skills that have allowed me to manage life…something I never thought possible. Kathleen’s use of DBT (dialectic behavior therapy) and psychotherapy have been extremely effective in managing my anxiety and depression, and she is only a phone call away in a time of need. Kathleen works with my psychiatrist and other providers to ensure continuity of care.  She demonstrates a strong personal commitment to my mental health and overall well being.

– Anne  S.


Stones, Pebbles, and Rocks

At first the stone walls were in place to hide the beautiful views from many.
When the stones began to crumble, they became soft, imperfect pebbles.

A long and winding path formed throughout Mother Earth’s wonderland, soft under foot with joyful sounds filling the air, but not without its dips and turns.The start of the journey, while at times strenuous and scary, provided for a whole new perspective.Sometimes the sun shines brightly and teeming rain brings colorful rainbows.
As there are forks in the path, so are there wondrous scents and images beyond one’s imagination.

Upon tiring times, some even find comfort and rest by sitting upon an eras smoothed rock.  They give support, raise us on high, and possess mystical powers that can set us free from those powerful, long ago stone walls.They appear at the most fortuitous times, and may take moments or months or even a lifetime to fully grasp their powers.

Luckily, there are special earthly beings who connect deeply to the richness beyond that of the naked eye, and are rocks to those who are taking their first tentative steps on this precious life-changing journey. 

These shamans, guides, and power creatures help to knock down the stone walls and provide the gift of simple abundance and joy to those who seek it out.Those blessed rocks are there only if you dare to take that first leap of faith.It may be the most challenging step of one’s existence, but can provide connections in the present and other realms that fill the heart and soul with energy so striking that it will last for many lifetimes ahead. 

Give thanks if you are lucky enough to find the courage and the rock.

I have.

– Cheryl W.