Kathleen’s approach to counseling children can be summed up in three words:   Play that Works.

She is dedicated to helping you step into your child’s world as a means of understanding and improving their emotional, behavioral and relational issues – just as she has helped hundreds of other children and families.  As a seasoned child therapist, family counselor, and Certified School Psychologist with extensive experience in New Jersey schools, hospitals and private practice settings, she can help address your child’s issues of:

• Social skill
• Self-esteem
• Anger, opposition, defiance
• Focus/attention

• Temper tantrums
• Self-control
• Shyness and fears
• Family interactions
• Following directions, listening

Kathleen’s approach is child-centered and parent-empowered. She works to connect and equip the parent/caregiver and child for success beyond the therapy sessions.  As a parent, you are invited to become a team member, learning how to identify and enhance developmental opportunities in daily life.

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